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Abundant Life Workshop Dates

The next available workshop with Thomasina is on Thurs Nov 12th at 7.30pm and based at the Bath practice. 

Price for each workshop is £20 however they are free to practice members and their families.   Please ring Kim on reception on 01225 427835 to book your place or book online at

The workshops are a short introduction to Network Spinal Analysis (founded by Dr Donald Epstein), also known as Network Chiropractic  -  a healing practise which helps your body protect itself against the stresses and strains of life, by reducing the overall stress and tension load using the body's nervous system 

Gentle precise touches to the spine cues the brain to create new wellness promoting strategies. The healing waves created release spinal and life tensions, enabling you to adapt to stress and dissipate tension.  Unlike traditional chiropractic practices, there are no physical cracks and pulls on the body, this is a gentler and more holistic approach.

This can all be better explained during this fascinating talk by fully trained instructor Dr Thomasina  Craster.  Dr Craster is a registered General Chiropractic practitioner and is also certified in the Network Spinal Analysis technique and it's closely related system of Somato Respiratory Integration breathing exercises

Each two hour workshop consists of a talk with powerpoint presentation, followed by questions and answers,  a simple demo at the end and a brief overview of breathing exercises


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